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Interview English

Interview with HMB-W Techniek
Project: VOC-kade, Amsterdam
Number of ES drains:269

Installer about the ES drain
Two project leaders of HMB-W Techniek from Almere, which is carrying out the installation work for a new construction project by Hillen and Roosen on the VOC-kade in Amsterdam, are talking. According to the building specifications 269 flats are to be fitted with shower channels with heat recovery, and the choice fell on Herwin-Energie's ES drain.

Jan Branger, head of projects at HMW-W Techniek, explains why the choice for the ES drain was actually easy.

"When we looked at the various options for WC shower channels, the first thing that struck us was how easy it was to install the ES drain. We also think it's a great advantage that all the fittings for the water connections are in the housing itself. In other channels they are outside and are cast in the concrete. Should a coupling nevertheless leak, then you have to break the concrete to reach it.

The project leader of the VOC project, John Staring, agrees. "In a project like this, you want to have some flexibility in the sequence of work. That is possible with the ES drain. We have made a demountable frame that allows us to pour the concrete at any other time after the ES drain has been placed and installed."

Jan continues, "These were already considerable plus points for us, but performance and price are too! The performance for these houses is comparable to that of other providers, while the price is lower. That's when we decided to go with Herwin-Energie".

The men from HMB-W Techniek are also satisfied with the cooperation with Herwin-Energie. "You think along in concrete solutions," says John. "For example, we made our own assembly spanner to make it easier to fasten the couplings. When this was discussed, you made extra keys, some of which we now have. But other practical matters are also easy to discuss with you."

When asked if they will continue to use the ES drain in the future, Branger nods. "Yes, definitely. We also need to install heat exchangers in an apartment complex in Haarlem. There is already an ES drain to make a frame for that," he concludes.

Interview with GAÏA Green - distributor ES-drain France
Roben van Bree, owner

Our ES-drains also cross the border. To France for instance. Through our distributor GAÏA Green already 28 projects have been equipped with our shower drains. Owner Roben van Bree explains why the cooperation with Herwin-Energie is so successful in the French market.  Gaïa Green markets systems for heat recovery from wastewater.

Personally, I think it's important to save energy, so I also want to reuse waste heat.
When choosing Herwin-Energie and the ES-drain, the variation and the possibility of adapting to the French market were important. The relationship with Jacob Heidemans, who I already knew from the company Hei-tech at the time, was also important.
The systems of the competitors are more expensive and less good (think of the couplings in the floor in the shower channels of DSS and Technea(Julia).
It is a solid product, but the hair trap has to be cleaned often. However, this prevents contamination of the heat exchanger and loss of efficiency.
Finally, I would like to say that the ES drain is compact and still has a good efficiency.

There is a very pleasant and good cooperation with Herwin-Energie. The regular products are OK, but the work is also very customer oriented. In the past, adjustments were made specifically for the French market, such as an enlarged flange for intermediate floors.

Recently, we came up with a new product for industrialists to install in prefab bathrooms. I think we can find a big market here with volumes. With prefab bathrooms, we are talking about hundreds. More than half of the first order has already been delivered. Another special order is for the supply of shower channels with heat recovery for the Stade Olympique De Colombes, for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

We have now had experience with the ES drain since 2017 and hundreds have already been installed to complete satisfaction. There is increasing demand and the number of orders now in portfolio is greater than the total number of ES drains delivered in recent years.
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